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Science fiction, new weird, slipstream,
cyberpunk, horror, dreamstates, future shock

Even Animals Are

Witty and provocative, Even Animals Are Machines is a beautifully observed slice of Baroque-punk theory-fiction. Starring Rene Descartes as the father of AI, it’s about the struggle between reason and passion—and about robots, 17th-century style.

(Suicided; 2024)

Swerving between new weird and horror, Suicided tells the story of an experimental business management model that forces office workers to survive in a ruthless, chaotic and absurd world. A hallucinatory, dystopian urgent view of the contemporary labour market.

Hypercapitalism and Other Tales of Planetary Madness (2023)

Disturbing and unpredictable, this collection of eleven short stories and one novella lingers in the mind. Part science fiction, part horror, part speculation, these delicate pieces of narrative engineering will make you think twice about looking in the mirror.

Smoky: Relato de muerte, exilio y terror (Smoky: A Tale of Death, Exile & Terror; 2021)

Sydney, 1990s. A serial killer stalks the city. Mysterious crimes disturb the inhabitants. Meanwhile, an Argentine family living in Australia encounters a strange dog they call Smoky. But is it a dog? Combining horror, noir, the “coming of age” genre—even SF—Smoky is a hypnotic, addicitve detective story.

Robotomy (1999)

Escaping the world of flesh, Drake Uhllman’s mind disintegrates, gone roaming through the burnt and shadowy landscapes of the system, endlessly reassembling the memories of its nameless previous self. Combining glitchy text and manipulated computer images, Robotomy is an existentialist morality tale for the cyberpunk age.

Complete short stories (1994—now)

An index of my published short stories from 1994 to the present.